Reasonably happy with the comp and colours, maybe the text could be a bit more compelling.

Liking the colours in this, fairly happy with how it turned out.

More 3D text, sometimes it’s fun to go a bit OTT. Edit: Original must have been in a weird colourspace or something. This is the saturation I wanted.

This is terrible in so many ways, but failed experiments pave the path to success.

Spent an hour or so working up some clouds and stuff behind the text, but eventually abandoned that as it didn’t add to the final comp. Happy with the colours and photo, only about 80% on the text.

Messing around with mirror effects. You’d think Photoshop would make it easier, but it really is just awful sometimes.

This started off in a different direction before I started going crazy with the grunge textures. Before I knew it, I was making tiny adjustments on 20 different layers trying to get things *just* right… I don’t mind this, I guess it’s quite evocative or something.

A bit cliché but I don’t mind the colours. Good to get back into the swing of things.

If I had more time with this, I’d add some calligraphy-style swashes to the ‘kayo dot’ there as I think it needs a little more complexity. My timeframe for these is pretty tight, so I shan’t!

There’s a bunch of detail in the background that got a bit lost at this size and with a light border. It’s all a bit trendy but I’m digging most of what’s going on.